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Dynamic Stop Loss Placement

Advanced Trade Management – How To Manage Your Day Trades

Hello Guys, My friend and a great trader Ziggy wrote an amazing article in the member’s section, and he was kind enough to agree to publish his work here for you. This article deals with a slighlty more advanced technique of

Interview for

Hello guys, I was doing an interview for recently. It is a website which made interviews with trading gurus like Larry Williams or Andrea Unger and few days ago also with me. In the 70 minute interview I talked

1 Year Trade Analysis – Day Trading Market Profile

Hey Guys, In September 2016 (exactly a year ago) I started publishing my trading levels in my Forex Factory Thread, on the Trader Dale Facebook Page, and after that on the website. I have been collecting data since I started

Market Profile Trading Strategy – August 2017 Trade Recap

Hello guys, August is now over and I can say it was bit of a tough month to trade. Let’s have a look at the statistics: INTRADAY TRADES There were 47 trades in total. 27 were winners, 17 losers and 

Market Profile: Long-Term Analysis

Hello guys, I would like to show you my way of analyzing the markets from long-term point of view. My swing trade levels are  always based on such analysis. Lets have a look at it step by step. Requirements For

Full trading strategy: Volume cumulation strategy

Hello, I was asked in an interview that I was doing recently for 52 Traders (the interview is not out yet) to provide “bones” of a full trading strategy that I use. Here is the complete strategy description: Volume cumulation

Finding the sweet spot – by Ziggy

Hello guys, my friend and exceptional trader Ziggy wrote another great article. It is about finding the best PT/SL. He published it into my Pro Forex Course forum but I think that you will also hugely benefit from reading it.

Market Profile webinar

Hello guys! I did a live Market Profile webinar on 12th July 2017. In this webinar I presented (among other things) my trading strategy including three Market Profile setups that I use in my trading every day. If you are

July 2017 statistics

Hello guys! July was the third month of my PRO FOREX COURSE. Let’s have a look at the statistics and see how it went: INTRADAY TRADES There were 34 intraday trades in July. 19 full profits, 7 full losses and

7+1 Essentials to profitable trading

What makes a trader profitable? Good strategy? Holy Grail strategy? I don’t think so. Of course good strategy crucial but still there are lot of traders that have good strategies and fail. Personally I would say that good strategy is

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