Position management – Intraday trades

SL/PT There are many ways how to trade intraday trades. Here are some good ones 10/12 approach I use PT 10 pips, SL 12 pips. Reasons for this are: It simply suits me to trade with RRR around 1:1 Even

Position management – Swing trades

SL/PT For every swing trade I use different SL. It is because I search the chart for the best place for the stop loss order. My PT depends on how far my SL is. Ideally the distance to PT is

Alternative approach – by Ziggy

Here is an article written and kindly provided by my friend Ziggy. He is a professional trader and this is his alternative way to approach trading my intraday levels. I really like this method and I strongly recommend trying it!

Basic trading rules for intraday levels

Understanding levels I trade all my levels when the price reaches them. If I have for example 2 short levels it doesn’t mean that price will go up to reach those two levels nor does it mean that I think