Trader Dale Educational Representative

Seven years ago, when I embarked on my trading journey, I always felt a void in the realm of quality education. Given the limited educational resources available, the further I progressed, the more I found myself grappling with confusion and mental unrest.

In the early stages of my career, I began with classical analysis and a range of indicators. However, my perspective underwent a significant transformation when I delved into classic price action, which contradicted many of the principles taught through traditional indicators. My journey continued as I explored newer methodologies like Smart Money and RTM, each of which challenged the conventional wisdom of classic price action.

This educational pursuit persisted until I encountered advanced analytical techniques, such as volume profile analysis and order flow analysis. Having thoroughly studied and traded using various styles, I soon recognized the stark differences between these advanced methods and the more conventional ones. It became clear to me that institutions advocating alternative approaches to market analysis embraced these advanced techniques, deepening my understanding of the market.

Today, I am actively engaged as a trader, collaborating with prominent investment organizations and brokers. My comprehensive knowledge and multifaceted approach to trading have proven to be invaluable assets in my current role, even as I cater to an audience in Iran and beyond.

Ali Rezaei