1. Clem

    Hi There,
    I have watched one of your video “How To Trade With Volume Profile And Order Flow”. However, I couldn’t find order flow in your website. Do you have any package come with both volume profile and order flow?


    1. Trader Dale

      I am working on my OF software and i am also shooting an OF video course. It will be available in around 2 weeks!

  2. Dan

    Hi Dale,

    For your Flexible Vol Profile for MT4, can I open multiple Time Frames for a certain trading pair (like open Daily, H4, M30 and M15 time charts) and apply the your software on each of the charts ? And if yes, will it still run smoothly as in little/no lagging ?


    1. Trader Dale

      No! I developed all my tools in a way they can work on Ninja Trader 8 demo version. 🙂
      You just have to place your trades on for example MT4 after you do analysis on NT8.

  3. vijay

    Hi Dale
    I have read your book on vol profile. While I found it extremely interesting and useful , I am somewhat confused with the live examples you have given at the end of the book on rejection setups trade no 1 , 5 and 7. While on trade setup 1 , you have selected the second highest swing and not POC, on trade setup 5 , you have selected POC and on trade setup 7 , you have selected again lowest swing vol level. How have you determined these levels?\\

    1. Trader Dale

      I am glad you liked my book! With the Rejection Setup you want to trade the volume cluster which is in the rejection area. Thats how I prefer to trade it. Thats why I did not trade the POC but the volume cluster in extreme of the rejection area.

  4. Luke Olegario

    Hi Dale,
    Does your Volume Profile indicators for NT8 require a minimum PC configuration? My machine is not so new:

    Intel i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz
    RAM 8GB
    Windows 10 Home (64-bit)

  5. Sergi

    Quick questions. Somewhere on your website was article about study comparing ticks and volumes. Could you please point it, where exactly it was?

  6. Trader Dale

    I am not sure what you mean Sergi. Ticks and Volumes? Don’t you mean 1 Minute data from MT4 and Volume Data from NT8? That’s in my book.

  7. Andrés

    Hello, the Order Flow book that you sell, its format allows it to be translated into Spanish in a translation program (copying and pasting texts).

  8. Dennis

    Hey Dale …

    where do you have your stops? 20 pips 20% ???
    how many times are you stopped out until there is a winning trade?

    1. Trader Dale

      Hi Dennis,
      I place my stops based on Volumes or based on ATR. Those two methods are described in my book, which you can download for free on this website (Volume Profile book). The win rate is about 65-70% in the long run.

  9. amtun chijin

    Hi Dale,
    How can one download the Volume Profile Book on your website ? you said it’s free but checked it wasn’t.


    1. Trader Dale

      Hi Amtun, I was offering it for free due to the promotion I had running. Currently, tt stands on my website for only $4.99.
      Still, I can send you its PDF over email for free if you wish, just send me the message!

  10. michael bryant

    Hello TD
    Is your Order Flow program and software compatible with trading MES futures on NT?

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello Michael,
      of course! It will work on any instrument you got datafeed for. A lot of my members trade MES. 🙂

  11. Popis

    Good evening Dale.
    I appreciate your free PDF on volume profile.
    Now I want to have the volume profile indicator but it’s not on Meta4. So how much does it cost and how to get it.

    thank you

  12. Vasanth

    Hi Dale,
    I have gone through your Volume Profile and Order Flow video. Does your volume profile software works with Zerodha Kite application? and how many machines that can be supported?

    Thank you,

    1. Trader Dale

      Hi Vasanth,
      It does not, sorry! Mostly everything I developed that you can see here on my website is for Ninja Trader 8 platform (it will run on its demo!). Besides that, I only got versions of my flexible volume profile for NinjaTrader 7 and MetaTrader 4.

    2. Trader Dale

      There is no limit on how many machines I can give you an authorization for.
      Usually, for the price of 1, I give up to 2 licences by request, in case somebody has both a home and work PC. We can negotiate it further! 🙂

  13. carlo

    Hello Dale, congrats for what you teach and how you teach!! The winning rate is 65/70% combining order flow and volume analysis, and which is the winning rate percentage if i don’t use order flow too? only using what you teach in your book volume profile.

    1. Trader Dale

      Thanks Carlo! The winrate I mentioned is using all the knowledge from my big volume profile course and small vwap course.
      With Order Flow in addition, you can easily expect to hit a few percent more. 🙂

  14. Bola


    Can this software work on Sierra Chart or Trading View?
    If I purchase the software, will I need to pay for Ninja Trader also?
    Lastly, does it apply to Crypto trading also?

    Thank you

    1. Trader Dale

      Hi Bola,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      My Order Flow software is made specifically for Ninja Trader 8 platform so it can only work there.
      No! All of my tools work on NT8 demo. The only possible cost would be datafeed for some specific markets. Let me know what exactly do you trade and I’ll tell you if there is anything additional you’ll have to cover (maybe better to discuss it through emails instead of here –
      Order Flow Software does not because, logically, cryptos are decentralized and therefore we don’t have bid x ask data to run OF on. However, my volume profile and VWAP work on cryptos tremendously! 🙂
      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.


    Hey dale, I have read both your order flow and volume profile books, I intend to purchase the order flow package as soon as possible, my worry is that 6 months from now I may not be using the same computer and will therefore need to reinstall the package, will I still have access to the license even when I change a computer. Will I have to pay afresh to install the package on another computer

    1. Trader Dale

      Hi Gena,

      No problem at all. You can use Volume Profile on multiple computers even at the same time.

      Absolutely no re-payment whatsoever to install the package on different computer

  16. bash trader

    totally new to this website and systems. i like to trade the ny session, but can’t be on the charts all day. how many hours are you trading per day and during what times? could your strategy work for someone like me?

    1. Trader Dale

      Hi bash trader,
      The best time to trade is the overlap of NewYork & London session. How many hours do I trade….that’s quite vary day to day and what I do is plan the trades and level at the start of the week and wait for the opportunity to execute them.

  17. bash trader

    thanks for the response dale!

    another question. i know that you mentioned at least 6 months of studying to get comfortable with your system. do you offer any strategies that require less time to grasp to somewhat earn while we’re learning?


  18. Craig

    Hi Dale, I purchased your book from Amazon and found it to be very informative. I also watched your VWAP webinar and am excited to add it to my arsenal. I’ve been using TradingView for analysis for years with a fixed range volume profile. I realize that you use your own flexible VP; however, if you had to use a fixed range what would be your recommendation for swing (typically 30 day trades from daily chart) and intraday (60 min chart). I’ve been using 3 months for swing and 1 week for intraday. Thanks for your input!

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello Craig,
      for fixed profile and swing trading, I would go for monthly and yearly VP. Intraday: Daily and 4-hour fixed profiles. But still, the Flexible profile is sort of a necessity. At least for me. I’ve never really be able to replace it with any Fixed Volume Profile.

  19. Kirtley Skeete

    Hi Dale

    Do you still have the EA available as part of the Trading Package and also for the EA to work, would I have to keep my laptop/pc powered on?

  20. Dinesh Galani

    Hi Dale, I mostly trade Futures (ES, NQ, YM & RTY). Do you provide Daily Trading Levels and Monthly Swing levels for Futures too ? Do you personally use Volume Profiles plus Order flow to trade futures or just forex ? Thanks !

    1. Trader Dale

      only for currency futures right now. I focus mostly on Forex, but the methods I teach in my Elite Pack are applicable to futures as well.

  21. Samuel Ogunsola

    Hello trader Dale
    I wanted to by elite package today before discount expired. I’m not sure if it works on others platforms such as TradeStation or TDameritrade. I think TDameritrade has volume profile, is this the same as yours. Advice me on this issues . This is what holding me from buy elite package today.
    Samuel Ogunsola

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello Samuel,

      My Elite Pack has a unique Flexible Volume Profile plus fixed volume Profile as wll.

      I am not sure about TDameritrade but I heard it can be integrated with NinjaTrader 8 platform where you can easily use my tools/indicators

  22. John Warren

    We seek to explore the argument of whether or otherwise, a stark newbie can learn everything and anything on trading forex, futures, and stocks from a trading coach or mentor. So, now, the question is, is it possible for an aspiring trader to learn how to trade and invest in the financial market successfully, or is it an innate ability? Actually, there are a series of arguments and theories in the trading industry about the extent to which an individual can learn trading from a stock trading mentor, and consequently, there are loads of responses in this regard too. However, based on our experience,

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello, I learned it and I taught it to many people in my trading course. It is a thing you can learn. I am sure of it. Some people are just better at following rules and trading with a clear head. Most traders only lose because they lack discipline and they don’t follow rules and their trading strategy.

  23. John David

    Hi Dale,

    I have been following you for a while on and off. I am a new Ninja 8 platform user. I have been paper trading the Nasdaq quite effectively just with price action and setting up resistance and support levels and looking at multi time frames/volume profiles.

    Understanding to read the order flow & linking it to volume profile & VWAP sounds like a more efficient way to go. Too many cooks spoil the soup as with too many indicators. I have used volume profile to read the POC/VAH/VAL and look for pullbacks and breaches to enter trades.

    I have seen somewhere there is an elite package covering all the indicators for N8. Is there a discount for that what would be that price? Where is it on the website?

    I liked the part where you gave credit to your parents for the support. Coming from India I can vouch for that as well. So we are in the same boat. I have also spent thousand of hours over the past 3 years educating myself in day and swing trading & different asset classes & trading styles, such as Options & futures. My success has been in options and swing & long trading in equities. Not entered in futures & currencies in a big way yet.

    I am just in the process of retiring fully and enrolling in US government supported retirement programs.


    John David

      1. mohamad joodie

        Thank you, dear
        I am looking for the best entry point in 1 minute
        Is it possible to find a safer entry point by filtering large trades or absorbing traces?

        1. Trader Dale

          yea you can use my Trades Filter (comes with Order Flow) to filter out the big trades (the big guys). This will help you with trade entries.


    Hello Dale,
    First and foremost, thanks for the work you do. I came across your book on Volume profile after spending roughly $400 on some indicators that doesn’t seem to give me the added advantage as claimed by the seller.
    After reading your book and watching couple of your webinars, I am interested in purchasing your Elite package as soon as I can afford it, hopefully take advantage of the Halloween sales.
    My question is on the broker selection and NT8 platform. For your support tech to install the platform and all the setup, do I have to download the NT8 platform prior? Also, I currently uses MT4 with Oanda and IG for my forex trading, will there by any adjustment to be made with the market prediction?
    Thank you

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello BENSON,

      Glad to hear that and a friendly ouch to that $400 🙁

      Secondly my tech guy will help you A-Z in all prospects regarding platform installation, broker selection and MT4 volume profile instalation.

  25. Jonas Häggström

    I have tried to purchase the elite pack using my credid/debit cards (2 different cards), but I get the message
    that the transaction need to be authorized and therefor not accepted. Usually I get connected to my bank and can then approve the transaction but not on this site,
    Do you have bank wire instructions you can send?
    Best regards

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello Jonas,

      We do not accept bank wire transfers.

      If your credit/debit card is having issues, you can try paypal or skrill or pay via cryptocurrencies

  26. Matt

    Hi Dale,
    I loved your volume profile book.
    can I use your flexible volume profile indicator on Tradingview?
    I would like to buy your course but I am only using tradingview, not ninja traders etc.
    Do you think volume profile indicators on tradingview is OK for your method?
    Also, is your order flow software compatible with tradingview?

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello Matt,
      I am sorry. My volume profiles and Orderflow software are designed to work on ninjatrader platform only. It will not work on Tradingview.

      The best thing is that you can download NinjaTrader for free and use their free version to analyze the chart with my indicators.

  27. Jr Avisado

    Hi Dale,

    Good day, I’ve been thinking to buy your elite trading pack, but please help me to decide if I’m gonna buy your order flow pack or the elite pack? Are they the same?

    Thank you.

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello Jr Avisado

      The elite pack focuses mostly on Volume profile and VWAP. Especially Volume Profile is in my opinion the gamechanger and the main tool every trader should use.

      The order flow pack focuses more on Order flow software. It is best for fast traders who loves to get in and get out pretty quickly.

      Below, you will find what exactly you will get on the purchase of each pack:

      Elite Pack:
      [1] Fixed & Flexible Volume Profile Indicator along with detailed course
      [2] Flexible Volume Profile for MT4
      [3] VWAP Indicator with detailed Course
      [4] Daily & Swing Trading Levels
      [5] Daily Trading Commentary
      [6] 15 hr. (44 Video Series) training course
      [7] FREE Tech Support

      Order Flow Pack:
      [1] Order Flow Software along with detailed Course
      [2] Cumulative Delta
      [3] Fixed & Flexible Volume Profile Indicator along with short course
      [4] Flexible Volume Profile for MT4
      [5] FREE Tech Support

      1. Jr Avisado

        Thanks for the reply Dale. I think I’ll buy the elite pack, since I don’t have much time to spare attending my trades due to my day job.

  28. Kabir

    Hello Dale – Very good info didn’t find anywhere else. After going through your webinars i just bought the complete pack the Elite Pack [Volume prof VWAP] + Order Flow pack. I have installed Ninja Trader. I need help in setting up the indicators for me as I am new to NinjaTrader. When I tried to do something it says you donot have valid license for Indicator. Please contact Trader Dale for your machine ID. I need help to install all the indicators as were on the webinar with the same settings. Excited and look forward to working these indicators.

    Also I usually play stocks. I want to make sure this is useful for Stocks and not just Furures/Crypto.
    I am a Day / Swing trader and need to have the indcators setup accordingly.
    I am planning to use the NinjaTrader for Charts and Use TD Ameritrade my current broker for executing the orders for now .
    Please help me in setting the indicators correctly. This is ver important for me.

    Thanks so much. Appreciate it.

  29. kabir

    Dale – Continuation of the above post forgot to add the below.
    I am off 3 days from work and would like this to be completed during the weeked so I would really appreciate if some one help me to install these indicators asap and get this completed.
    Again thanks sooo much.

  30. Adam

    Hello Dale, I’m interested in the Order-Flow Pack. Here are my questions. Do I need to get Ninjatrader platform? Can Ninjatrader connect to TDAmeritrader (my current broker) or I what broker do I need (I want to trade FX and Futures)? Who will be the datafeed (such as CQG or Rithmic)? I believe I need lifetime license to be able to use advance features with Ninjatrader? Finally, should I get them first or your Tech Support will guide me? Look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards Adam

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello Adam,

      [1] Yes, my order flow software works on NinjaTrader Platform
      [2] Yes NT can be connected with TDAmeritrader. Please contact your broker support for having the successful connection with NT
      [3] CQG & Rithmic both are good and recommended
      [4] For my order flow software & volume profiles, you do not need any license from NinjaTrader
      [5] Yes, my tech guy will help you install everything in your machine. You can use the below link to setup an appointment with the technician after the purchase

  31. Prashant dasar

    hello dale
    I bought order flow software from you how can i install that and that’s price is 499$ is there could you please give me in discount at least 20-30$. and after any queries about software how can i contact you through mail or contact number please tell me and how can I touch with you.

    thank you
    trader Dale

  32. Prashant dasar

    I have an another question that in your website the prices are showing 497$ in order flow section and in trading course and tools section 397$ which one is good in both of them please tell me that also.

  33. Prashanth Dasar

    Sir on next time when will you give 50% discount on order flow pack.
    At this time I don’t have money to buy the order flow pack. So please let me know when will you give discount at that time I’ll arrange money please don’t forget it to mention it sir

    Thank you sir

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello Prashanth

      Glad to see your interest in my order flow pack. Please email me back on “” whenever you are ready & I will be glad to offer you the customized offer

  34. jay khan

    Hi Dale,

    Interesting you live in Zurich, I know the city very well lived in 1040 area for 3 years. Very beautiful country.

    Anyways, have bought both of your books volume and order flow. Fascinating reads. My questions is this, I am an options trader and trade the US markets. I specialise ONLY in 3 tickers QQQ, SPY and AAPL with my speciality being AAPL. Crazy low spreads and high volume and liquidity.

    At first I lost more trades then I won, dented my confidence but I persevered and did an insane amount of study and practise on how to make it work.

    Finally started to have success when I started used MACD in conjunction with normal candle sticks and Heiken Ashi candles.

    But to this day I have not used volume analysis in any shape or form. I am thinking to add volume and order flow analysis to my arson of tools which could be the game changer.

    Could combination of volume profiling and order flow be used to time the entry of an options trade. I only trade call options with 60 day expiry and one strike out of the money. Would this work with my style of option trading.

    Not sure if you trade options or anyone who uses your tools does. Any help much appreciated, before I commit to coming on board with yourself.

    1. Trader Dale

      Hello Jay,
      I think Volume Profile will definitely be a game changer for you! I don’t think you need Order flow for this though. Go just for Volume Profile. It’s ideal for the thing you are doing.

  35. Prashanth Dasar

    I’m Prashanth finally I bought your order flow and it’s working 100% properly and 1st of all
    I LOVE YOU 1 BILLION times you changed my life and lifestyle everything.

    Thank you Dale.

  36. Amit

    as I am from india and IC markets is not available and legal in india so for going with 1:1 RR is very hard with other brokers when it comes to limit orders with volume profile setup please give us solution for this. currently using octafx. execution of bid in price point is little difficult in it

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