Hi, my name is Dale and I am a full-time trader

I am a professional trader with 10+ years of trading experience. I trade using Volume Profile which is a tool that shows you where institutions accumulate their positions and what their intentions are.​

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10 Tips On Trading The Macroeconomic News

This is a full description of my way of dealing with macro news described in 10 practical tips. You can use all of them or just let them inspire you to find your own way to deal with the news. You may also use the tips for your own strategy and your own levels, or you can apply them when trading using my intraday levels I publish daily in our trader’s forum.

How To Plan Long-Term Investments With Volume Profile

One of the best things about Volume Profile is its versatility. You can use it across timeframes, and of course on all possible trading instruments. In this article, I’m going to walk through how to use the Volume Profile to find and plan trades that are basically long-term investments rather than the usual intraday or swing trades.

VIDEO: How To Build A Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Are you interested in investing in the booming cryptocurrency market? If you are but you don’t want to just buy and pray then my new video will help you a GREAT deal! In the video I will show you: How to pick best cryptos for your portfolio How to time your entry so you enter your positions for the best price The strongest Support levels based on my Volume Profile analysis. How to manage your positions

VIDEO: Volume Profile Swing Trades: February 2018

In this video I show you all swing trades that we took with members of my trading course in February. All of them with the reasoning behind each trade we took. This is real trading which includes losses, discarding levels, adapting to macro news, etc…

A busy day with unexpected news

RECENT TRADES, by Trader Dale 13/3/2018

Volume Accumulation Setup

VIDEO, by Trader Dale 15/12/2017

Rejection Trading Setup

VIDEO, by Trader Dale 13/12/2017

Initiation Trading Setup

VIDEO, by Trader Dale 08/12/2017

Swing Trading With Volume Profile

RECENT TRADES, by Trader Dale and Howard 12/02/2018