Hi, my name is Dale and I am a full-time trader

I am a professional trader with 10+ years of trading experience. I trade using Volume Profile which is a tool that shows you where institutions accumulate their positions and what their intentions are.​

4 Essential Traits All Pro Forex Traders Have

Every good trader that I know has a different personality and therefore a different trading style. There are, however, some common traits that all the pro traders I know have in common. This is no coincidence. A huge part of their success is actually attributed to those traits!

Gold Analysis With Volume Profile

Check out my long-term analysis, prediction and trading levels for GOLD! Learn how to plan swing and long-term trades using the Flexible Volume Profile.

Learn To Trade Forex With A Full-Time Job

A friend of mine asked me recently if it was possible to trade forex and still keep his full-time job. It is quite natural that people want to keep their job and not to jump into trading head on without any backup. In this article I show you an easy 10-minute/day routine which will enable you to successfully trade even with a full-time job.

Advanced position management technique: The Alternative Stop-loss

Does it sometimes seem like the market only wants to hunt your Stop-loss before it runs in the direction you previously anticipated? If you feel like your SL is being hunted or that it is always in the wrong place, then this article is just for you.

VIDEO: Volume Profile webinar (RECORDING)

Here is a recording of my Volume Profile webinar I did for NinjaTrader. In the webinar I show you the logic behind the Volume Profile and why I think it is the only way to profitable trading. I also break down my most favorite trading strategies so you can immediately start testing & trading them! There is also a Special Lifetime Webinar Offer (limited for the first 50 people) - link below the video.

USD/CAD: Swing trade analysis

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How important the time is in trading?

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Reversal Trades Saved The Day

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Swing Trading the FX Market with Volume Profile

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Daily levels commentary video for 27.4.2018

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A busy day with unexpected news

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Volume Accumulation Setup

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Rejection Trading Setup

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Initiation Trading Setup

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Swing Trading With Volume Profile

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