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I received loads of messages asking for the right Forex broker to choose. I believe that choosing the right broker is CRUCIAL in your trading. Switching from a bad broker to a good broker can make the difference between losing money and profitability! I really can’t stress that enough. Having a good broker is one of the foremost important things in your trading.

Let me be blunt – If you trade intraday trades with broker that has 2-3 pip spread on major pairs, I don’t think you can be profitable.

It is my number one goal to make you constantly profitable and for that reason I will recommend you two brokers that are absolute best. Me and my friend and professional trader Sterling have been using these two brokers ourselves for many years.

Sterling was kind enough to make  comprehensive video about choosing the right Forex broker. Here it is:


We were able to get you a discount on all your commissions. You just need to open your new account using the link that is provided below:

Global Prime: 20 % discount on all commissions

IC Markets Discount Link

I really hope that you guys will take action and that you quit trading with brokers that rip you off. I think you’ll be very happy with either of the two brokers referred to above!

PS – Here is a screenshot from my IC Markets platform showing spreads for 4 major pairs that I trade.

(EUR/USD 0.0 pip spread, AUD/USD 0.2 pip spread, USD/CAD 0.6 pip spread, USD/JPY 0.1 pip spread)

Happy trading!

– Dale


  1. Jason Separovic

    Hi Dale,
    What is the discount for IC Markets? Also, if we take this discount, is it in place of the $1.5/lot rebate available from paybackfx? It seems after paybackfx, IC Markets is already down to $5.5/lot

    1. Trader Dale

      Unfortunately there is currently no discount for IC. I hope that if there is more of us trading with them I could get us a discount.

  2. Fred27

    Hello Dale

    Why did you chose IC over GP ?

    Why not an European regulated one ?



  3. Dima

    – The Global Prime link is a login. How do I sign up to get the discount on spreads?
    – ICMarkets seems to have lower spreads than GlobalPrime
    I can only choose one. Which one do you actually recommend for scalping purposes?
    Thank you Dale

    1. Trader Dale

      Since you clicked the Global Prime link you will now receive the discount automatically if you decide to go with them.
      I myself trade with IC markets. Very good choice for scalp trading because of the extra low spreads.

  4. Matt

    First let me say that I have been with ICMarkets for 7 years, but – BOTH ICM and GlobalPrime are Market Makers / Bucket Shops. BOTH are counterparty to your trades and they take the other side rather than pass the risk on. Followed the instructions set out in this excellent vid on brokers and found the counter party disclosures accordingly.

  5. Peter

    Hi Dale! I have traded for long with IC Markets and honestly the slippage is lot for both. They advocate themselves as good for scalping but they are not. They also enlarged the spread to take out a SL at 5 pips that I used in the strategy. The same thing happens with Global Prime, very slippery. The best one for me so far is Pepperstone. What do you think?

    1. Trader Dale

      What you say is pretty surprising to me. I have sometimes slippage but it is positive as well as negative. Usually no more than few tenths of a pip. Which isn’t that bad considering that my intraday profit target is 10 pips…and again I also have positive slippage quite often…so that more or less evens out the negative slippages. I also don’t think they are widening spreads to take your SL. At the day close (rollover) there are wide spreads but that is usual for all brokers but apart form that their spreads are tight and they don’t widen them. This is my experience.

  6. mat

    can you tell me which is the broker you use for ninja trader? i like very much the ninja tick data. however i think that trading view volumeprofile should be more accurate than the broker profile. this is whty the know only tick of their customers while tradingview will buy and resell the costumer the profile data….isn’t it?

    1. Trader Dale

      I do my analysis with NinjaTrader and then execute my trades with IC Markets.
      As far as I know TradingView uses also FXCM data (the same datafeed you can have for NinjaTrader I think). I am not sure if TradingView have their data filtered or not and if they use tick or second data for their profile (second is not that accurate but it speeds up the profile).

      1. resego

        do you have to register with the ninja trader brockage to do your analysis with their program

  7. Carol J. Brubaker

    Excellent Broker information. I’ve spent at least 6years learning to trade and 2018 trying to find info about Brokers. At least I know now what to look for in a Broker.

  8. Nick Windle

    I tried opening accounts with both Global Prime and IC Markets and the whole process has been a nightmare. I gave up on Global Prime, opened an account with IC Markets but they have issues with their login process so my account with them is useless.

    Can you suggest another broker, preferably with micro lots?


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