Learn how to pick the right stocks and the best time to buy them. This is a complete A-Z guide & indicator pack suitable for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Start Analyzing the Market like a Pro!

Big Picture

Learn how to read the BIG picture which hugely impacts the rise and fall of a stock. This provides the foundation for success. These factors alone will separate you from the average retail investor.

Learn how to pick the best stocks like the “smart money” using time-tested, simple techniques. This step-by-step process takes the guesswork out while providing a framework even total beginners can follow.

Trading Tools

Get ahead of the crowd with professional Indicators and Tools:

  • Stock Fundamentals indicator: Get all the key stock fundamentals you need to know in one spot.
  • Volume Profile indicator: No more guessing where to enter. This powerful tool will give you exact entry points.
  • Portfolio Manager: Keep track of your portfolio in one easy tool.

Stock Investing Pack Features:

1. Video Course (15+ hours / 70 videos)

Stock Investing Pack

Key Points:

  • Major Fundamentals
  • Main Economy Sectors
  • Stock Fundamentals
  • Stock Indexes
  • How to pick the best stocks (step by step)
  • Stock Analysis Platform
  • How to read stock charts
  • How to use Volume Profile to track institutions
  • How to use Volume Profile to time your entries with precision
  • Detailed entry strategy – EXACT STEPS A to Z
  • Position & Money Management
  • Countless other tips, tricks, and much more…

2. Stock Fundamentals Indicator

Stock Fundamentals Indicator

A custom-made indicator that shows the most important stock fundamentals right on your chart! This massively simplifies the analysis process, allowing you to filter only the best investments.

Works with the NinjaTrader8 Platform (no additional charge).

3. Volume Profile Indicator

Volume Profile Indicator

Trader Dale’s proprietary Volume Profile indicator will show you the activity of the largest market participants, effectively allowing you to trade alongside them. 

Works with the NinjaTrader 8 platform (no additional charge).

4. Portfolio Manager

Stock Portfolio Tracker

A custom-made Excel-based tool to keep track of your stocks and portfolio performance. Everything is automated!

Simply fill in the stock ticker, quantity, and price. From there, the manager will continue to update with free live data.

BONUS: Tech Support

Let us set EVERYTHING up!

Our tech support will set up the platform, connect it to data, install all the indicators, and show you around!

This way you can focus on your training rather than setting everything up yourself.

Stock Investing Pack

$397 ($799) USD One-Time Payment / Lifetime Access


1. Stock Investing Course: 15+ Hours / 70 Videos

2. Stock Fundamentals Indicator

3. Volume Profile Indicator

4. Portfolio Manager

BONUS: FREE Tech Support

Our tech support team will set up the platform, connect the data, and install the indicators so you can hit the ground running!