Lifetime Access to Trader Dale’s Volume Profile Training Course

Trader Dale’s Advanced Volume Profile Forex Trading Course

Member Get Access to the Following:


1.) Advanced Volume Profile Forex Trading Course

The first thing we recommend everyone go through after signing up is the in-depth Volume Profile Forex Course. This 8 part video series will walk through every aspect of the entry. We start with the very basics so even the most novice trader can begin viewing the market as a professional.

2.) Daily Institutional Trading Levels Video

Every day I give you a new video that details the EXACT levels I will be looking to go long or short. These levels correspond to where we see smart money and large institutional players trading in the market. By aligning yourself with Smart Money you can begin to trade like a professional. Additionally, these videos will teach you to select the levels for yourself!

3.) Institutional Swing Trading Levels Video

Every month, members get access to a new Swing Trading Levels Video. In this video, I not only show you the exact price points I will be looking to get long or short from, but more importantly, I teach you how to pick the highest probability Swing Trading Levels for yourself.

For anyone with a full-time job, these levels can be traded with very simple ‘set and forget’ limit order.

4.) The Trader Dale Member Forum

Get access to the member’s forum where you can stay in touch with me and with all other Members every day! It is extremely helpful to be an active participant in a community forum like this. We will be able to help each other, discuss our trading and other related topics on a daily basis.

5.) Trader Dale’s EA

Trader Dale’s EA (Expert Advisor) is designed to follow all my trading rules automatically! For example, it can prevent triggering an intraday trade during the macroeconomic news, discard levels that were tested few pips sooner or prevent taking risky trades against strong and aggressive market movements. If you have limited time to watch the charts this will be your new best friend!

6.) MT4 Volume Profile Indicator

All members receive access to our proprietary MT4 based Volume Profile Indicator. This indicator will allow you to get started identifying where large institutional traders are placing their orders.

7.) Lifetime Member Support

I’m more than happy to help all my members with whatever they need. The vast majority of the time you’ll have a reply in 12 hours or less!



ENDS April 8th, 2018




1.) Advanced Volume Profile Forex Course

2.) Daily Institutional Trading Levels Video

3.) Institutional Swing Trading Levels Video

4.) Member Forum

5.) Trader Dale’s Automated Trading EA

6.) Propriatory Volume Profile Indicator for MT4

7.) Lifetime Members Support


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