Volume Profile Trading Ideas – 20th February 2023

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8 thoughts on “Volume Profile Trading Ideas – 20th February 2023”

  1. Hello Dale, Now that I have your indicators, I feel more confident and looking forward to for the setups to play out and watch more videos in the members area. I was wondering if there are postings for daily signals as well in the course.

  2. love these emails with the analysis and how odd today that GBPUSD Long and NZDUSD short levels are n=both exactly the same number. Will alarm my charts and see how this goes.

  3. Hi Trader- dale

    I want to find out how many trades one would be able to do in a week using the volume indicator strategy.
    I ask because it seems it takes a long time when you analyse on 30 minute time frame for the price to bounce back and hit the identified level again.
    I took the EURCHF sell limit trade on the 9th February 2023 based on the 30 TF analysis you posted and to-date 11 days later, the sell limit trade is still pending.

    Would reducing the time frame to a lower one imply more frequent trades?

  4. Hi Dale,
    Surely you mean 0.6293 resistance for NZD/USD and 1.1936 support for GBP/USD I assume it’s just a Typo error on NU?
    Also these levels are not showing up on my charts after I input this week’s code UVAZTY7Q2W ?????

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