Volume Profile Trading Ideas – 2nd January 2024

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2 thoughts on “Volume Profile Trading Ideas – 2nd January 2024”

  1. Hello Dale,
    I’ve purchased your full suite and really enjoying the videos and knowledge you share. I have a burning question that I’ve asked elsewhere and haven’t received answer. Everyone always talks about sellers/buyers defending their position. However, aren’t those “defenders” looking to make money just like we are? I.E. They enter a short, at some point, they’re looking to take a profit. So, by the time a position retraces to the original entry, wouldn’t they have been out long ago? Now, maybe they’re looking for a reentry at that level, but a defense? The only way I see that happening is that price didn’t reach whatever target they were looking for. Am I at all correct in thinking this way? And, if so, are there clues I can look for to see that, yes they have unloaded so no point in looking for that defense? Thank you for all you do.

    1. Hello BOB,

      That’s a good question, and I cover it in more detail in my Volume Profile book. Let me tell you the core stuff: You are right that those traders might already be out. However, it was an important zone in the past, and the market is aware of it. Other participants may want to enter a new trade there. Another strong force driving the price up from a support level is sellers taking their profits as the price reaches the support. Sellers taking profit results in market buy orders. That’s why the price reacts to those volume-based levels even though the original initiators of the move may be out already (but maybe they still want to add to their positions there or defend their trade entry). All in all, all these sorts of forces push the price from a support zone.

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