14.3. – 6 trades today!

Today was a really busy day. There were 6 trades today. Lets have a look at all of them:

EUR/USD long 1.0633:

Very quick and precise reaction. Good trade with +10 pips profit

AUD/USD long 0.7545

The market went 5 pips against my position, then went in the right direction and made quite a long move. I took +10 pips profit, If you were trading Ziggy’s alternative approach reaching +20 pips profit would be no problem for you.

AUD/USD short 0.7562

Unfortunatelly there was macro event before this position could run into full profit. I quit the position 2 minutes before the US PPI m/m event and banked +8 pips.

AUD/USD short2 0.7581

Unfortunatelly the market turned 2 pips sooner in a nice and sharp reaction. This place was the day’s high.

USD/JPY long 114.85

There was only 7 pips reaction to this level. If you didn’t secure your position when it made the 7 pips then it was a full -12 pip loss for you.

USD/JPY long2 114.70

There was absolutelly no reaction to my level so I took -12 pip SL.

EUR/USD long 1.0608

Last trade of the day. The market went 8 pips below my entry point but finally turned during the night and I took +10 pips profit. If you were trading Ziggys alternative approach, then it was +20 pips profit for you. This trade lasted around 7 hours! Iam happy I didn’t quit it and held it until the end.

My summary of this busy day: +38 pips profit -24 pips loss = nice and green +14 pips profit.

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