15.5.2017 – the most unlucky day I remember

As far as intraday levels are concerned, today was exceptionally unlucky day. Here is why:

EUR/USD short 1.0942

Missed profit target by 1 pip. After that I secured my position to BE. Result: 0 pips.

EUR/USD short1.0972

Very similar scenario – missed profit target by 2 pips, secured my position and got out with -1 pip.

USD/JPY short 113.61

I got SL there. If only the market turned 1 pip sooner it would have been a profit. My result: -12 pips.

USD/JPY short 113.86

Missed entry by 1 pip. If only….nevermind 🙂

AUD/CHF swing short 0.7454

At least something positive today! I didn’t exit this position at market open today but I closed it at the end of US session today with +68 pips profit.

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