A busy day on the USD/JPY

Busy day on the USD/JPY today:


This level got tested 3 pips sooner so if you were at the screen it was advisable to discard it and not to trade it anymore. I took this trade with a simple limit order because I was sleeping and wasn’t able to discard the level. So it was -12 pip loss for me.


I also took this one with a limit order (still sleeping:)). I took +10 pips profit there.


Unfortunately this level got tested around 2 pips sooner with pretty strong reaction. For that reason I discarded that level and wasn’t interested in trading it anymore. Even if I didn’t discard it I would not trade it because the 2nd test happened during significant “red” macro news on the USD.


I took this trade with a simple limit order because I was sleeping (asian session). I took a +10 pips profit there.


I took 3/3 today’s trades with a limit order because they got hit in the asian session when I slept. When I woke up my today’s trading was basically over 🙂 Pretty funny 🙂 My today’s result is +8 pips profit. Maybe you think that +8 pips per day  isn’t much – well if you got +8 pips of profit every day you would have over 160 pips monthly and that really is a great result! If you managed that month after month, you would be very rich very soon.

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Happy trading!


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