What a great day today! 3 winning trades and no loss!

USD/CAD 1.3447 short

This level was 20 days old! Still I didn’t discard it because I thought this level was so strong that even after 20 days the market would remember it (as I said in today’s daily levels commentary video just before I entered the trade). Even though the price went quite aggressivelly against this level and despite this level being so old there was very precise reaction to it. The price didn’t go even 1 pip against this level – even though this level was 20 days old!!! This really made my day.

USD/JPY 110,29 long

USD/JPY 110,66 short

There were quite nice and strong reactions to both my levels.

I ended up with +30 pips profit today! I hope that all of you guys took those trades with me!

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