7.4.2017 – 12 wins in a row!

In today’s Asian session there were 2 winning trades and in the end of US session 1 winning trade. With these three there are 12 winning trades in a row!

USD/JPY 110.50 long

This level was hit shortly after there was unexpected news that US military launched missiles at Syria (asian session). I had a limit order set there because I was asleep. Because of this extremely strong move my limit order was filled 5 pips lower! For this reason my position ended up not in +10 pips but in +15 pips profit! Even if you got filled for the right price you would still have +10 pips profit. In situations like these you really appreciate if you have a solid broker.

Here is a screenshot from my trading platform (1 minute chart):

USD/CAD 1.3430 short

This was very nice “sniper” trade. Very quick and precise reaction to my level. I also took this one with a limit order because I was asleep during asian session. I took +10 pips profit there.

USD/JPY 111.31 short

Pretty neat reaction even though the market was in quite an aggressive upmove. Those trading Ziggy’s alternative approach would end up with +20 pips profit there!

+30 pips profit today. Another very good day!

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