Market Analysis


USD/CAD 1.3447 LONG This trade got triggered during the asian session. I took it with a limit order as I always do. I am glad I was asleep and didn’t witness this trade going so much against me πŸ™‚ Still

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INTRADAY: USD/JPY 110.70 short This trade was based on a volume cluster created during Friday’s NFP news. Level was hit in the asian session and I took it with limit order. +10 pips profit for me πŸ™‚ SWING: AUD/NZD 1.0462

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USD/CAD short 1.3506 no comment needed I think πŸ™‚


SWING USD/CAD 1.3675 short This was a very old level. I was waiting for it to be hit for more than a year! I took a profit of +185 pips there. I am glad this trade was over before the

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15.5.2017 – the most unlucky day I remember

As far as intraday levels are concerned, today was exceptionally unlucky day. Here is why: EUR/USD short 1.0942 Missed profit target by 1 pip. After that I secured my position to BE. Result: 0 pips. EUR/USD short1.0972 Very similar scenario

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USD/CAD short 1.3693 This trade was triggered during unexpected news saying that 6 Canadian bank’s ratings were downgraded. Unfortunately this happened in the asian session which I trade using limit orders so I took a SL there. Those trading asian

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AUD/USD short 0.7388 +10 pips profit There was only this one trade today. I liked that even though the market went pretty aggressively towards the level, there was really precise and quick reaction to it.

8.5. swing trades

USD/CHF long 0.9865 +52 pips profit.   AUD/CHF long 7319 + 50 pips profit Price turned just few pips before SL and went into a profit later. I trade using Alternative SL approach and for me my SL was 25

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8.5. intraday levels

USD/JPY 112.95 short This level was hit just few minutes after the market opened. I really liked that the market opened with a gap. Such gaps are usually filled – this was one extra confirmation to enter the trade. +10

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3.5.2017 Intraday

EUR/USD short 1.0934 Reaction to a very strong selling activity that took place 27.4.2017. Those trading using Ziggy’s alternative method took +20 pips profit there! EUR/USD long 1.0908 If you were more conservative you would probably not take this trade

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3.5.2017 AUD/CHF swing

Swing trade based on cumulative market profile and price action. Profit over +60 pips:


Hello guys, I just wanted you to show you my intraday level that was published 40 days ago on usd/jpy. It was hit today and guess what. The price went no more than a single pip against it and the

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USD/JPY 111.48 short The last trade of the month. Pretty nice and clear reaction. Good end of the month I think.


EUR/USD long 1.0892 The reaction to this level was extremely precise. Themarket didn’t go against this position not even a single pip. Then there was a 10,3 pips reaction to that level. Those with very low spreads and quick fingers

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USD/CAD 1.3439 This was very strong long level and I was very surprised that there was almost no reaction to it. I took a loss there. I thought that very strong sellers were present there because there was almost no

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AUD/USD 0.7526 short This level was hit after Trump’s unexpected remarks about USD being “too strong”. All USD pairs went pretty crazy at that moment. For that reason I decided not to trade anymore (and also because it was almost

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EUR/USD 1.0624 short I missed this trade by approximately 0,3 pip. Maybe with different broker there would be a bit different quotation. Some of you maybe got your trade executed. If your entry was filled It would be a nice

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