Market Analysis

Trading a volume cluster on the USD/JPY

USD/JPY 111.51 SHORT Trade based on 2nd setup (aggressive initiation setup) from my webinar. Reaction to a volume cluster was pretty quick and strong. Nice +10 pips profit for me 🙂 USD/CAD 1.2533 SHORT Trade based on the Volume cumulation

Trading a strong Point Of Control

EUR/USD 1.1643 LONG Trade based on the 1st setup from my webinar. Pretty quick and precise reaction to a strong Point of Control. +10 pips profit for me. USD/JPY 111.09 SHORT Trade based on 3rd setup from my webinar –

One busy summer Monday

Hello guys! Even though it is Monday in the middle of the Summer we are still having lots of trades and also some really nice profits! This is definitely pretty cool! Here are my today’s trades based on my intraday

A pretty weird but profitable day

Today was a pretty weird trading day. Still a profitable one! Here are my trades: USD/CAD 1.2899 SHORT I missed my 10 pip profit target just by 0.5 pip! I secured my position by moving the SL above the reaction.

A profitable Independence Day

Today was a major US holiday so I decided to trade only asian + EU session. Still quite a busy day: AUD/USD 0.7639 LONG There was a RBA rate decision macro event (the strongest macro event for AUD). For this


USD/CAD 1.2990 SHORT I took this level with a limit order because it got hit during the asian session. Even though the price went past the level and made a rotation above it there was a nice reaction afterwards and


EUR/USD 1.1406 LONG Unfortunately my profit target was missed just by 0.5 pip so I secured my position by moving my SL below the reaction. I ended up with a small -4 pip loss. Those who are trading with more


Another winning day today! AUD/USD 0.7660 LONG I really like trades like this. It was a long trade in an uptrend market. Very precise and quick reaction. I took nice and quick +10 pip profit. USD/JPY 112.34 LONG Unfortunately the


AUD/USD 0.7606 SHORT I took this trade with limit order because it was hit during asian session. I am glad I wasn’t at the computer during this trade because at first it looked quite ugly – almost touching my SL.


Another busy day at the office. 6 trades: 5 winners, 1 loser EUR/USD short 1.1202 I took this trade with a limit order because it was hit in the asian session. Pretty easy and quick +10 pips profit. Actually I


USD/CAD long 1.3231 Unfortunately this level was tested around 0.2 pips sooner so those who were trading Forex probably didn’t take this one. Those (including me) trading using futures got profit. USD/CAD short 1.3254 This level got tested a bit


USD/CAD 1.3447 LONG This trade got triggered during the asian session. I took it with a limit order as I always do. I am glad I was asleep and didn’t witness this trade going so much against me 🙂 Still


INTRADAY: USD/JPY 110.70 short This trade was based on a volume cluster created during Friday’s NFP news. Level was hit in the asian session and I took it with limit order. +10 pips profit for me 🙂 SWING: AUD/NZD 1.0462


USD/CAD short 1.3506 no comment needed I think 🙂


SWING USD/CAD 1.3675 short This was a very old level. I was waiting for it to be hit for more than a year! I took a profit of +185 pips there. I am glad this trade was over before the

15.5.2017 – the most unlucky day I remember

As far as intraday levels are concerned, today was exceptionally unlucky day. Here is why: EUR/USD short 1.0942 Missed profit target by 1 pip. After that I secured my position to BE. Result: 0 pips. EUR/USD short1.0972 Very similar scenario

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