NinjaTrader 7 Installation & Quick Start Guide Training Videos

How to set up NinjaTrader 7 in 2 minutes

How to get FREE forex data and how to renew it after the expiration

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How to work with NinjaTrader 7 charts (basics)

How to reload data when the Volume Profile doesn't show volumes

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2 thoughts on “NinjaTrader 7 Installation & Quick Start Guide Training Videos”

  1. Sonny Camaclang


    In your second video, on how to renew Ninja Trader, I gather I will have to undergo this procedure every month? Just clarifying.

    1. I personally don’t need to renew (don’t know why…)but I received quite a lot of messages from my members that they actually need to renew every 30 days. That’s why I shot the video – so you guys know how to do it.

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