Weekly Trade-Ideas Video Recap: July 24th to August 20th 2018

In this video, I break down the trading levels that were previously mentioned in my Weekly Trade-Idea videos, and more importantly, the results from those trades!

Below are links to the predictions that the trades in the video above are based on:

Trade-Ideas, Setups, Chart Analysis – 24th July 2018

Trade-Ideas, Setups, Chart Analysis – 30th July 2018

Trade-Ideas, Setups, Chart Analysis – 6th August 2018

Trade-Ideas, Setups, Chart Analysis – 13th August 2018

Trade-Ideas, Setups, Chart Analysis – 20th August 2018

Happy trading


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  1. Matticus

    Very nice. Are your swing trades or day trades more successful over the past year? And do you cancel any swing trades if news is coming up?

    1. Trader Dale

      I am glad you like it. I would say that swings are better this year. Last year it was the intraday trades. In my experience, this evens out in the long run.
      I cancel swing trades only if central bank news is coming up – rate decision, fed meeting, ECB meeting…Things that directly affect the currency rate.

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