WEBINAR: How to Trade with Volume Profile in 2023

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9 thoughts on “WEBINAR: How to Trade with Volume Profile in 2023”

  1. Hi Dale,
    Thanks for your videos they are very informative. I also like the way you show losing trades which most people teaching FX trading do not do.

  2. Hey Dale, I stumbled on one of your videos on YouTube. And I have noticed consistency is your trade predictions with order flow and volume profile. Thanks for all information you give regularly.

    1. Manelson Chivela

      Hi Abubakar, the Volume is the rotation accumulation between Big Ones! After a Rotation we expect a trend where down or up there will be who is going to defend the position!

  3. Hi Dale, Thanks for this informative video! It has been very helpful for me to better understand a trade setup using the volume profile.

  4. Hi Dale,

    Great webinar and teaching on the use of the Volume Profile tool. I have used some of your setups already successfully. Thank you for sharing all of this valuable information.

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