Welcome !

Hello my fellow traders! I would like to welcome you to my new webpage!

The reason that led me to do this was that I wanted to build a strong, friendly and helpfull community of traders and help them become professionals.

Here you will have all usefull information easily accesible in one place. You will have here my intraday levels with templates every day, usefull stuff in downloads section and articles and blog posts to help you in your own trading!

This page will contain some extra bonuses that won’t be anywhere else:

  • Forex and futures levels posted before EU session and sometimes before ASIAN session
  • Templates that draw my levels into your MT4
  • Cool and usefull stuff in Downloads section
  • Articles and blog posts
  • some more cool content in the future!

For discussion I would like to encourage you to use my:

  • official Facebook channel (www.facebook.com/traderdale),
  • Forex Factory thread (www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=608433)
  • TradingView channel (www.tradingview.com/u/Trader_Dale)

This page will surely develop further since I already have some ideas that will help you even further in your trading!

Thank you very much for joining. I believe we will make a great community here!



  1. Greenpips

    I came across Dale’s FF thread last Dec and have followed his levels. His amazingly accurate prediction has allowed me to become profitable after months of loses. In my short trading experience, Dale is the only one I came across calling shots in advance, with such high accuracy, while not promoting anything or asking anything in return!
    I am learning to trade on my own using Dale’s approach. While it’s not as accurate as Dale, my trading has certainly improved. Hopefully Dale could share more on his approach here!
    Btw, I am from Singapore, a small country in Asia. You can tell how far reaching is Dale generous sharing.
    Thanks Dale and green pips to all!

  2. Rfs199

    I feel this was much needed. The thread was getting so big that, at times, it was tough to keep everything together in a tidy manner. This way everything is much more accessible and easy to the eye. Hopefully the active members in the thread come here as well.

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to put this whole thing together Dale!

  3. jmufin777

    Today after midnight – USDJPY I had all 3 positions . 1x BE 10 points, 2x TP. I switched off BE a we will see later …. Everything makes your EA 🙂 . Nice exact application.
    EURUSD – only tested – no trade, I looked for reason in journal. I don’t know now reason yet….

    Nice 🙂

      1. jmufin777

        Yes! EA is working fine. If I don’t help her. My setup for intraday : 0 BE, 130 for monster moving. Others are set to default. Very very good work . Thanks to You and your developer :-). It is very useful. Thanks.

  4. Nelson

    Hi Dale your intraday levels are awesome! i hope you make an article on how you determine those levels. Thanks man!

  5. Fence

    Hi Dale. I use a similar strategy so great to come across a thread that does the same. Just curious why you standarized on these 4 pairs. Thanks.

    1. Trader Dale

      Hi mate! This is cool! Do you also trade intraday or do you use market profile for swings? I wanted major pairs and I really dont like GBP. it is very risky pair. So thats why I trade those 4.

  6. Fence

    Hi Dale. Thought as much and the spreads are generally lower. Just have not had much success with USDCAD in the past. It is one of those pairs I just don’t like. I trade both swing and intra day, however I only use market profile for intraday

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