Another busy day at the office.

6 trades: 5 winners, 1 loser

EUR/USD short 1.1202

I took this trade with a limit order because it was hit in the asian session. Pretty easy and quick +10 pips profit.

Actually I took more than 10 pips there to be honest. My broker had a slippage (positive one) and instead of 10 pips I ended up with +11,6 pips 🙂 It is good to have a broker who gives you positive slippage and not just negative one.

USD/JPY long 111.65

I also took this level with a limit order because it was hit in the asian session. It was quite a close shave but a +10 pip profit nonetheless.

Asian session is doing really good even with simple limit orders and without any trade management. This month there were 7 trades triggered in the asian session, 6 were winners and only one was a losing trade.

USD/JPY short 111.95

Also quite a close one but I managed to take my +10 pips profit before the price turned.

USD/CAD long 1.3230

Another nice trade – even though it was against a strong downtrend. I took a +10 pips profit there.

AUD/USD long 0.7598

I didn’t take this level because it seemed to me that there was a sooner test (especially on futures data which were a bit different from forex data at that time).

Still I think it was okay to take this one and take a SL.

Those trading forex probably took a SL there.

AUD/USD long 0.7583

I really liked this particular level and it worked nicely. At least for those going for 10 pip profit. Still I would have guessed that there would be a stronger reaction to such a strong level.

Those who took all today’s levels have a nice +38 pip profit!

Sometimes there are situations where a 0,1 of a pip could make the difference between profit and loss ( or break even) – this happens more often than you would think! Having a premium quality broker is absolute must, especially if you trade intraday trades like I do.

I have had the best experience with those two brokers and I can truly recommend their services:

I hope you also had another great and profitable day as I and my course members had today!!

Happy trading


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