AUD/USD swing idea

I think there is a nice opportunity in AUD/USD for a swing long trade. My long level is 0.7595, SL 0.7510, PT around 0.7680.

Have look at my position management article if you are not sure how to trade this

Happy Trading


11 thoughts on “AUD/USD swing idea”

  1. Your new site looks like it’s going to be very helpful in my training to trade. You’ve already helped me understand so much on your FF forum and now this; Thanks Dale!!! Best of fortunes to you friend! : )

  2. Hey Dale, as a lot of people said before, you are a blessing and truly appreciated. You’ve opened my on how to trade in a responsible way, as a newbie there’s so much to learn, but indeed you are like a “map” that guides. Going to use the money I make from guidance to finish paying for my software engineering school, So my gift to you when I’m done is to assist you when anything web development.
    Stay blessed

    1. Thanks very much mate! Iam so glad to hear such a positive feedback from you! I wish you all the best and sucess in gaining your degree!!!

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