USD/JPY long term prediction

Hello my fellow traders!

My facebook friends voted for a prediction/analysis of USD/JPY So here it is!

Remember it is a long term prediction and lot of factors can change. This is how I see USD/JPY now. Feel free to comment and leave your opinion below!

3 thoughts on “USD/JPY long term prediction”

  1. hmm, interesting. i often wonder how do traders “predict, forecast or know the price moving forward. It can be quite confusing for a newbie like me reading from many experts out there.

    If Trump wants a weak dollar to help resucitate the local economy, then a weaker dollar would help fulfil this purpose. That of course would hurt the exporters who make their revenue outside USA. Wonder his tax plan is going to help these big boys to encourage them to repatriate back the profit?

    Many knows we are near the top but where exactly is the tipping point? Everyone has a different level and some bear gurus like Marc Faber and many others are already saying to get out of US market as it is becoming too frothy.

    Japan appears to be struggling with its domestic economy, failing to hit the 2% inflation target despite rounds of printing and buying up govt bonds. The weak currency appears to be one of the few possible solutions left for them to turn things around. If that is true, then USD would go up , how long more remains a mystery to me.

    just my 2 cents of sharing.

  2. I really like dale prediction so much.
    But, I really do not understand about the market price language.

    Hope there will be much more market price 101 explanation from dale.
    To understand much more for dale combination.
    Thank you.

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