EUR/USD long term prediction

Hello guys!

Here is my long term prediction for EUR/USD. I hope you like it!

Remember it is a long term prediction and lot of factors can change. This is how I see EUR/USD now. Feel free to comment and leave your opinion below!

6 thoughts on “EUR/USD long term prediction”

  1. i wonder do people trade forex like shares , holding on to it for years? I am new to forex and have notice this deduction on my account – swap rates, sometimes plus and other times -ve. I believe this “interest rate’ will eat into the profit margin if hold for say 6 months or more. Would like to hear more from you on position sizing – some say to make bigger profit, increase the size to 5 lots to 10 lots which to me also increase the risk if it turns against me.

    what are your thoughts ?

  2. For my fundamental view, Trump looking to pressure down USD dollar due to he like to attract much more business or factory return back to USA (increase employment rate for US citizen). If strong USD dollar it will also suffer the export revenue and business return. Therefore, fundamentally, USD should be keep sell on high position.
    However, EUR also face alot of bad fundamental topic. For example, many country will held election by this year, UK brexit impact, debt and so on. Therefore, EUR also might be keep sell position.
    Thus, on this case, USD and EUR are weak curreny by this year. It is quite danger to predict the direction. Is it?
    I do not know much about those country situation (only thru news).
    That is good, if any comment and information updated about EUR and USA economy and fundamental situation (truly, not thru news).

    Above just my 2 cent.
    How about your thoughts??

  3. Thank you. where can I find more information on the volume indicator. I am new to market profile and would appreciate it if you could guide me to resources.

  4. I am very much interesting what will happend when reach around 1.07 EUR/USD.That would be in my view the super long bottom upward trend (same way as at 1984 at the rate of 0.7 EUR/USD; at 2001 at the rate of 0.83 EUR/USD; and at 2017 at the rate of 1.03 EUR/USD) and maybe it will be a long for EUR for an other 8 years where going to reach 1.8 EUR/USD? Have fun!

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