Live Trading S&P 500 with Order Flow

In my yesterday’s video  (Weekly Trading Ideas) I showed you a resistance on S&P 500 which I found using Volume Profile.

This resistance got hit in the late New York session yesterday.

I was using my Order Flow + Delta software because I wanted to see some confirmation of this level.

I wanted to see sellers show up before I entered the short.

I recorded the whole thing and I was commenting on what I saw on the Order Flow and Delta.

You can watch the whole video below:

BTW. I was talking about some things you maybe won’t understand but they will be fully described in the Order Flow Video Course which I am working on now.

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I hope you guys liked the video and that you found it useful

Happy trading!


PS: here are some answers to questions about my new Order Flow which I get daily 🙂

  1. Release date – around 2 weeks. I am still working on the Video Course.
  2. Price – I don’t know yet.
  3. It will only work on NT8.
  4. Delta indicator will be part of the Order Flow package.
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