Market Analysis

A Good Broker Makes A BIG Difference

Sometimes there is an unexpected news that hits the markets in the most unwanted moment – when you are in a trade. This happened yesterday when I entered a long on the AUD/USD. AUD/USD long 0.7395 My long level was

How important the time is in trading?

Let me show you two trades that I took recently to give you an answer to the question whether the time is important in trading or not? USD/JPY 110.48 short First, I would like to show you a trade that

Reversal Trades Saved The Day

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. The markets were quite nervous because of the news concerning China import tariffs. I decided to trade all my trading levels despite this market uncertainty. The first trade I took was soon after the

A busy day with unexpected news

First trade of the day was on the EUR/USD. My long level was based on strong initiation setup. I trade this setup when I see a strong one-directional price movement. Then I look for significant volume clusters using my custom

Swing Trading With Volume Profile

I would like to show you some trades that a member of my trading course Howard took recently. What Howard does is that he takes the volume based strategies that I teach in my trading course and applies them on

Trading the Strong Initiation Setup

I would like to show you trades that I and members of my Private Trading Course took today on the USD/CAD. Overall we had three long levels which were all based on Strong Initiation Setup. I like to trade using

First trades in 2018

It seems the calm holiday period is over and we are starting to get our first profits this year! Check out the first two trades I took in 2018. The first one was a short on the USD/JPY. My short

Trading with the new Flexible Volume Profile

This short trade on the AUD/USD was based on heavy volumes accumulated in three-hour sideways price action. After that, there was a strong sell-off indicating strong sellers were adding to their selling positions in the volume accumulation area. You can

Trading Old Trading Levels

I was looking forward to taking this trade on the EUR/USD for quite some time. I really liked the volume accumulation (marked in red rectangle) and the strong sell-off that came after that. It was pretty nice sign of sellers

The ECB day

Today’s ECB rate decision = a big day for the Euro! My plan was to be very careful about the Euro and only trade the EUR/USD before the rate decision event. The best option is to avoid trading it at

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