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AUD/USD 0.7526 short This level was hit after Trump’s unexpected remarks about USD being “too strong”. All USD pairs went pretty crazy at that moment. For that reason I decided not to trade anymore (and also because it was almost


EUR/USD 1.0624 short I missed this trade by approximately 0,3 pip. Maybe with different broker there would be a bit different quotation. Some of you maybe got your trade executed. If your entry was filled It would be a nice


USD/CAD 1.3366 long This was the only trade today and it ended up in a loss. There was absolutely no reaction to the 1.3366 level. This was quite strange. This trade ended our 12 trade winning streak.

7.4.2017 – 12 wins in a row!

In today’s Asian session there were 2 winning trades and in the end of US session 1 winning trade. With these three there are 12 winning trades in a row! USD/JPY 110.50 long This level was hit shortly after there


AUD/USD 0.7562 short Some of you guys told me that they quit this position before US Unemployment Claims news. As I wrote some time earlier on my Forex Factory thread – I don’t usually hold intraday trades during “red” macro

USD/JPY is working wonders lately

This screenshot is from my friend “Sandmann” from my Forex Factory thread. Here you can see my last 5 levels that I published for USD/JPY. As he said “USD/JPY is working wonders lately”. Agreed it really does – 5/5 trades


USD/JPY 110,97 short 1 pretty precise reaction to my level. I think there was nothing difficult about trading this one. USD/JPY 111,34 short 2 This level was hit before US ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI news. Some of you entered with smaller


What a great day today! 3 winning trades and no loss! USD/CAD 1.3447 short This level was 20 days old! Still I didn’t discard it because I thought this level was so strong that even after 20 days the market


USD/JPY 111.34 long The last trade of the month. Market made 11 pip reaction so if your spread was below 1 pip (hopefully it was- I have now 0,2-0,3 on USD/JPY) you should have a profit there.


USD/JPY 111.86 short Even though there was a strong counter trend the market made a more than 10 pips reaction to my short level. In cases like this (strong counter trend and end of day) it is better to go


USD/CAD 1.3332 long This level was hit during asian session and the market went 8 pips against it. After that it turned and made the +10 pips profit. This was the only trade today.


NZD/CAD swing trade: profit +100 pips!


EUR/USD short from 1.0752 This was the first trade of the day and it was hit in the asian session. It was very strong level and I was very surprised when I saw there was no reaction to it and


There were two nice trades today. First was EUR/USD short from 1.0768. At first the market went 8 pips against the entry but then made a strong reversal and gave +10 pips profit and +20 pips profit to those who

14.3. – 6 trades today!

Today was a really busy day. There were 6 trades today. Lets have a look at all of them: EUR/USD long 1.0633: Very quick and precise reaction. Good trade with +10 pips profit AUD/USD long 0.7545 The market went 5

13.3. AUD/USD short 0.7592

There was very precise and quick +10 pips reaction to the level. The market wasn’t able to go higher today, my level was the high of the day. Cool! If you traded my method then it was +10 pips profit

9.3.2017 EUR/USD short 1.0555

If you took this intraday level, set 10 pips PT and -12 pip SL it would ended in full stop loss. However I took almost full profit (+9.2 pips). Here are my thoughts that led me to trade the level

7.3.2017 eur/usd long (1.0557)

This trade was a bit tricky. The reason was that there was a slight difference between Forex and Futures prices. The price touched my level at Futures but didn’t touch it at Forex. As you probably already know I watch

7.3.2017 eur/usd short (1.0598)

Today’s first trade was eur/usd short from 1.0598. It was a nice and clear trade because there weren’t any factors that would make you think whether to take it or not. Thare was also quite a lot of time to

7.3.2017 aud/usd long (0.7583)

Unfortunatelly the price turned 1 pip sooner and made quite a strong reaction (over 15 pips). I consider this level already tested and won’t trade it anymore. If you aren’t familliar with this approach (discarding levels when the price turns

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