Profitable Traders Know When To Do Nothing!

Did you see the latest episode of Game Of Thrones (S07E06)? One particular thing that Tyrion said fit perfectly with today’s trading session. He said, “Sometimes doing nothing is the hardest thing to do.” He was so right!

Members of my course already know what I am talking about, right guys? 🙂

Yes, it is today’s 5-hour trade on the USD/CAD.


From time to time I get asked if trades that last longer have a lower probability of success as compared to trades that move off much more quickly. In my experience, the likelihood of success remains the same, regardless of how long you remain in the trade. For that reason, I hold my positions until the pre-determined PT or SL is reached.

I know it can be hard to stick to an intraday trade for hours, especially for novice traders. Tyrion was right “Sometimes doing nothing is the hardest thing to do.” However, doing nothing definitely paid off today. I held my position for a very long 5 hours and ended up with nice +10 pip profit.


This was another very nice setup from today. The level this trade was taken from was 8 days old (pretty old for an intraday level), and there was quite a strong counter move against it. Yes, scary 🙂

Still, the reaction was quick and precise. Another +10 pips profit for us in the member’s area today.

All in all +20 pips profit today. Another good day at the office!

Happy trading guys!


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