Trading Old Trading Levels

I was looking forward to taking this trade on the EUR/USD for quite some time. I really liked the volume accumulation (marked in red rectangle) and the strong sell-off that came after that. It was pretty nice sign of sellers accumulating their selling positions and pushing the price down afterward. So basically I just waited for a pullback to this area and went short from there. The reaction was really precise. I thought that the overall reaction would be bigger but even this was good enough for me to bank a nice +10 pips profit. You see that even after more than a week the market remembers the strong levels and reacts to them.

There was accumulation of pretty heavy volumes on the AUD/USD. After that there was a strong selling activity (in macro news). I call this “Volume accumulation setup“. It is my favorite. I was waiting for more than a week for a pullback to this area. Even though there was some price rotation above my level, the strong sellers won the fight and pushed the price lower again – into my +10 pip profit target (actually I got positive slippage and ended up with +11,6 pips :))

This short trade on the USD/JPY was based on my 2nd setup – the “Strong Initiation Setup“. USD/JPY is in a downtrend and for that reason I was looking for some significant volume clusters created within the strong selling areas. There was a pretty nice one at 111.54 so I waited for a pullback to this volume cluster and went short from there. Reaction was quite precise and fast – that’s what I like 🙂


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Happy trading!


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