Volume Profile Trading Ideas – 4th October 2021

*Disclaimer: Presented opinions, trades and trading ideas on the markets and charts is not advice nor a trading recommendation. It is general information and it is for educational purposes only.

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1 thought on “Volume Profile Trading Ideas – 4th October 2021”

  1. Peter A Gerba

    This for a while has been my main YouTube channel videos. I have been around d forex markets for a while as PA TRADER…..Will normally do my Topdown Analysis and then execute lower TF like the 1hr….however one thing I could never feel good about was d doubt all d time i enter a trade never been able to feel FULLY CONFIDENT OF MY ENTRY and always more like feel really unsettled each time knowing I could not take d guess out COMPLETELY……
    However I stumbled on TRADER DALE’S VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE INITIALLY I fe.t dizzy watching and trying to absorb all d system, but kept at it watching and watching more videos and voila …..I started understanding d whole concepts he was teaching 1 by 1 ……but then MT4 I think don’t have d kind of Volume Tracer Dale uses and since I missed out big time on so,e of d discounts in d videos……I could not buy his ELITE VIDEO COURSES and was thinking maybe I wait till christmass time and get and opportunity to buy d ELITE COURSE…….

    I just want to thank TRADER Dale for d kind hearted gesture to help struggling traders like me take d guess out of my trading struggles……the volume profile is v v v v powerful I can see it from his videos and how he breaks each explanation down for easy understanding …..THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK U…….I cannot wait to be able to afford d full course or better still can I pay by x3 or x4 installments……..I am based in d UK and at my age 52years I have been cheated out of d job market as a hardware IT engineer and now have to look for a solid financial sustainability ….having just lost my mortgaged property and my marital home to divorce due to financial constraints……..I believe I have found a genuine truthful mentor in TRADER Dale that can help hold my hand in his videos and take me deeper in studying more when am able to buy his course…….THANK U THANK U THANK U TRADER DALE…….I wonder why all these years swimming in d unclear waters of forex river I never found you….but thank God I found u now and am not letting go……you have a kind heart to help…..and God will bless u back…

    Thank you.
    Peter Anet
    +44 7835184792

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