Interview for

Hello guys,

I wrapped up an interview with recently.

It is a website which has published interviews with trading gurus like Larry Williams and Andrea Unger, and a few days ago, myself as well.

In the 70 minute interview I talked about:

  • My background and how I started
  • How to quit your job and start trading full-time
  • What is Market Profile and how to use it
  • Full description of my trading strategy and how to implement it on your own
  • Benefits of having a good mentor
  • Reasons why not to use demo account
  • Quick trading tips you can implement right now
  • What is a Triple Witching Day and why to avoid trading it
  • and much more

You can listen to the full interview here:
To access it for free you need to enter a coupon code: traderdale52t
This coupon is valid until 29th September. You will have to pay for it after that.
I hope you like the interview and If you have any follow-up questions shoot them my way!

Happy trading!

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