The ECB day

Today’s ECB rate decision = a big day for the Euro! My plan was to be very careful about the Euro and only trade the EUR/USD before the rate decision event. The best option is to avoid trading it at all today, but there was a really nice long level which I couldn’t resist taking!

The level started to work rather nicely! It worked until the price turned 1 pip before my profit target. By that time, our position management had already trailed the stop loss, so I took -4 pip loss. This was a shame as it was a good level and nice reaction. This was my final trade setup on the EUR/USD from this day, and here is the screenshot.

The USD/JPY was more friendly today, as we managed 2 nice full-time profit trades.

The first trade (long level) was based on our volume accumulation setup and it got hit during the Asian session. I took it with a limit order because I was asleep. That was quite lucky because if I were awake I would have discarded it because the level was already tested when it got hit. Anyways +10 pips profit for me. Good start of the day.

The second trade was a short trade and despite a pretty strong counter-move (the price moved 8.6 against me), it finished with a full +10 pips profit.

Today’s total was +16 pips profit. Despite the unlucky EUR/USD trade, it was another good day at the office 🙂

Happy trading!


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