Hi, my name is Dale, and I am a full-time trader

Hello everyone, my name is Dale, and I love trading. I started around 2007 and soon after that trading become my passion. I started the same way as many other people did. I searched for a Holy Grail among indicators and their different settings. I was lucky enough to realize soon that this was not the way to being profitable. The “heureka!“ moment for me was when I was at university. I had a long summer holiday, and I borrowed around 25 kilos of books about trading. One of them was about Market Profile. After some backtesting and real trading, I knew this was the right way to do things! I know there aren‘t many shortcuts to successful trading but dumping all those common indicators and focusing on Market Profile combined with simple Price Action is definitely one of the few. MP is a very powerful tool and I strongly recommend everybody to implement it into their trading no matter what particular trading style they have. With Market Profile and simple Price Action, I am now able to detect the activity of big institutions (banks, funds etc.) that move the markets. Only with these I am able to get to the right side of the trades and consistently make profits. I trade mostly Forex and my preferred styles are intraday and swing trades.

This site

Here you will find lot of educational material like articles, videos or commentary of my recent trades.

If you would really like to make some serious progress I suggest you join my Trader Dale’s Pro Forex Course. All members of this course get my Daily trading levels that I pick and trade every day. Only with those intraday levels me and my students made +1.000 pips profit in just 6 months! Members also get access to my Swing trade levels, extensive Video Course, Market Profile indicator, unique Expert Advisor and much more really cool and useful stuff.
Don‘t hesitate to contact me if you have some feedback or ideas to share or if you have some questions or need help with anything.

Where to start

First and foremost I recommend you to subscribe to my website to get Market Profile free course (the subscribtion box is in the right side of every page except this one).  I will also be able to keep you updated with the newest, most up to date content.
After subscribing I recommend you to read the posts I hand selected for you below.

  1. Basic trading rules for intraday levels
  2. Dale’s trading tips
  3. Market Profile free course (in your email after subscribing)
  4. Ziggy’s Easy 20/20 method with 66-68 % strike rate

After going through these you will have a firm foundation that you can build on. Take your time, don‘t rush it. Lot of information is provided there.

 If you take trading really seriously I think that joining my Trader Dale’s Pro Forex Course is the best way to move from this point onward.

Happy trading!



“One of the best edges I have come across. Prepare for immaculate precision, high win percentages, good R:R, long win streaks and a very experienced and helpful trader to guide you. There is a lot to be learnt from Dale – not only in trading, but also in conduct. I look forward to trading with him in 2017.”

Recent Trades

  • 16.8.2017 – Shorts against an uptrend

    Here are two trades that I took today. Both on AUD/USD and both against strong trend. Still me and members of my Pro Forex Course managed to get some nice profits there! AUD/USD 0.7837 SHORT This level was hit during

  • 2.8.2017

    Busy day on the USD/JPY today: USD/JPY 110.52 SHORT This level got tested 3 pips sooner so if you were at the screen it was advisable to discard it and not to trade it anymore. I took this trade with

  • 1.8.2017

    EUR/USD 1.1813 LONG This trade was based on setup n.2 from my Market Profile webinar (aggressive initiation setup). My long level was placed at the highest peak of volume cluster you can see on the daily profile on the left

  • 25.7.2017

    USD/JPY 111.51 SHORT Trade based on 2nd setup (aggressive initiation setup) from my webinar. Reaction to a volume cluster was pretty quick and strong. Nice +10 pips profit for me 🙂 USD/CAD 1.2533 SHORT Trade based on the Volume cumulation

  • 24.7.2017

    EUR/USD 1.1643 LONG Trade based on the 1st setup from my webinar. Pretty quick and precise reaction to a strong Point of Control. +10 pips profit for me. USD/JPY 111.09 SHORT Trade based on 3rd setup from my webinar –

Latest Articles

  • Finding the sweet spot – by Ziggy

    Hello guys, my friend and exceptional trader Ziggy wrote another great article. It is about finding the best PT/SL. He published it into my Pro Forex Course forum but I think that you will also hugely benefit from reading it.

  • Market Profile webinar

    Hello guys! I did a live Market Profile webinar on 12th July 2017. In this webinar I presented (among other things) my trading strategy including three Market Profile setups that I use in my trading every day. If you are

  • July 2017 statistics

    Hello guys! July was the third month of my PRO FOREX COURSE. Let’s have a look at the statistics and see how it went: INTRADAY TRADES There were 34 intraday trades in July. 19 full profits, 7 full losses and