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A Story Of A +1,600 Pip Trade

You don’t need to sit in front of the computer all day. There is a much more convenient way to make money trading. It is called Long-term swing trading. You only need a few minutes a month!

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What Is The Best Time Frame To Trade?

Having the “perfect” time frame is absolutely crucial. That’s at least what most novice traders think. Why do they think so? Because the majority of traders use Price Action or simple trading indicators without discretion! The information they are getting from

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EUR/USD Swing Trade Analysis

Today I closed a winning trade on the EUR/USD. If I didn’t use the Alternative SL approach (which I use for all my swing trades), this trade would have ended up as a losing trade! Lets now have a look

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4 Signs Of Over-Trading

Sometimes there are periods when the markets are really calm, there is lower volatility and less trading opportunities. For example right now. It seems that the Summer has finally hit the markets and that the institutional traders and managers went

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Gold Analysis With Volume Profile

There has been a pretty significant sell-off on Gold since April 2018. The sellers are clearly strong and they are pushing the price lower and lower. In such cases, I look for significant volume areas to enter my trade. I

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