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Christmas Special: Trading Jokes

It is almost the end of the year guys so let’s finish it up on a positive note and have some laugh! Here are some trading jokes I really like 🙂 Funny thing is that most of them are pretty

Q/A: TD’s Flexible Volume Profile

I received a lot of very good questions regarding my new Flexible Volume Profile. I took the most common questions and created a question and answer post, with the most common questions answered in detail below. You will also find

What Currency Pairs Should You Be Trading?

Did you know that many professional and institutional traders only focus on one or two currencies or another trading instruments? The reason they focus only on few instruments is to enable them to become really proficient at those pairs. A

Interview for

Hello guys, I wrapped up an interview with recently. It is a website which has published interviews with trading gurus like Larry Williams and Andrea Unger, and a few days ago, myself as well. In the 70 minute interview I

Finding the sweet spot – by Ziggy

Hello guys, my friend and exceptional trader Ziggy wrote another great article. It is about finding the best PT/SL. He published it into my Pro Forex Course forum but I think that you will also hugely benefit from reading it.

Market Profile webinar

Hello guys! I did a live Market Profile webinar on 12th July 2017. In this webinar I presented (among other things) my trading strategy including three Market Profile setups that I use in my trading every day. If you are

July 2017 statistics

Hello guys! July was the third month of my PRO FOREX COURSE. Let’s have a look at the statistics and see how it went: INTRADAY TRADES There were 34 intraday trades in July. 19 full profits, 7 full losses and

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