Order Flow & Volume Profile Live Trading (USD/CAD Futures)

Trade Summary:

1. I identified a strong Support using Volume Profile and VWAP Trading setups.

2. When the price was near that Support I opened the Order Flow chart and I wanted to see some confirmation. Confirmation which would tell me that the BIG guys are also trading this.

3. After the price hit the Support, huge volumes appeared on Bid. Those were most likely Buyers who entered Long trades with Limit orders.

*I was talking about this trade entry confirmation in an Order Flow webinar I had recently. You can watch the recording here:


4. I placed my Take Profit in a place where heavy volumes showed before. Heavy volume zones often work as Support/Resistance zones. Staying in a Long trade when it hits a volume-based Resistance would be risky.

I hope you guys liked the video, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Have a GREAT weekend


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  1. Manfred

    Hi Dale,
    I found your website, while searching for good informations about volume trading.
    And I am very happy to detecting you.
    You offer a lot of know how regarding this trading technique, where other coaches asking a big lot of money for.
    My compliments.

    1. Trader Dale

      Hi Kingsley, of course it does, but it’s meant to be used more for scalping and intraday trading. On swings I prefer to stick to VP and VWAP.

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