Ouch! – This Trade Didn’t Go As Planned – Live Trading With Order Flow

Here is an Order Flow live trading video where I was trading a Long level on EUR/USD Futures (6E 03-21).

Trade Summary:

  1. I identified a strong day trading Support using Volume Profile at 1.2110
  2. When the price reached this Support, I opened my Order Flow software to look for a sign that Buyers were present.
  3. There were two signs (confirmations) – rising Cumulative Delta and big Long order on Trades Filter.
  4. I entered the Long and quit the 1st half of the trade with 12 pip profit. Then I moved the SL of the 2nd half of the position to Break Even (BE).
  5. I wanted to take the 2nd Take Profit at a heavy volume node (which I said could work as a Resistance).
  6. Unfortunately, the price turned just 2 pips before reaching this level, quickly reversed and hit the Break Even, where I quit the 2nd half of the trade.

I hope you guys liked the video! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy trading!


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