EUR/CHF: Volume Profile and Price Action Analysis

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in today’s day trading analysis I will talk about the EUR/CHF. I don’t trade this pair too often as the volatility there is usually quite low, but today is an exception. There is a really nice trading opportunity I would like to share with you.

The first thing to notice here is a rotation area from which a strong sell-off starts.

If you use my Flexible Volume Profile tool to look into the rotation area, then you will see that massive volumes got accumulated there. There is a significant Volume Accumulation area.

Since there was a strong sell-off commencing from this area we can assume that there were strong institutional Sellers entering their Shorts in this area. Slowly and unnoticed.

After those Sellers accumulated their huge Short trading positions they manipulated and pushed the price downwards – into the sell-off.

EUR/CHF; 30 Minute chart:

The important thing for us now is that we know that there were strong institutional Sellers active in the rotation area.

When the price makes it back to this heavy volume zone (beginning at 1.0850), then those strong institutional Sellers will most likely want to defend this zone – defend the heavy volumes and their Short positions.

They will want to manipulate the price to go downwards again. And this is what makes this area a strong Resistance zone.

This setup is one of my favorite Volume Profile setups and it’s called the “Volume Accumulation setup“.

I hope you guys liked my analysis! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Hi, great work! A couple of questions off topic. Do you trade crypto? And does your volume profile analysis work for those markets which are highly manipulated? Thanks.

    1. Yes I do trade crypto as well mainly BTC/USD pair. Volume Profile Analysis works for every market including cryptos, indexes even treasures/bonds

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