LIVE: Trading The JPY Futures With Order Flow

This video was a live one, so I just jumped straight into trade commentary without any explanation. Here is a little summary of the trade to make things clearer:

  1. I used Volume Profile and VWAP to identify a strong Resistance on JPY Futures. The setups I used to identify this Resistance were: Volume Profile – Accumulation Setup, and VWAP – Rotation Setup.
  2. I published this level over an hour in advance to members of my Trading Courses.
  3. When the price reached this Resistance I used Order Flow for trade confirmation. What the Order Flow showed me first was a divergence between Price and Delta. This was enough for me to enter the trade.
  4. Then there was a second confirmation – a huge Limit order appeared exactly at the Resistance. This told me, that somebody BIG just entered a trade there.
  5. After that, the Delta continued to drop, and this time the price followed. After just a couple of minutes, I took my Profit, which was set to 10 pips.

NOTE – I did the Order Flow commentary on Futures, but I was trading this on Forex.

Further Order Flow Education

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Or, if you are really serious about Order Flow trading, then the right thing for you is my Complete Order Flow Course.

I hope you guys liked my video, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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