LIVE: Trading With Order Flow and Delta (USD/CHF futures)

Video summary

  1. I used Volume Profile to find a strong intraday resistance. The resistance was based on Volume Profile: Trend Setup
  2. I published this trading level (a couple of days in advance) in my Trading Course members’ area.
  3. When the price made it to this resistance I opened Order Flow.
  4. On Order Flow, I was looking for some sort of confirmation. This confirmation would tell me (confirm) that sellers showed up around the resistance. This would make the trade much more likely to end up as a winner.
  5. I found the confirmation, which in this case was a divergence between price and delta. This meant that even though the price was rising, Cumulative Delta was falling (=sellers entering the market).
  6. I entered the short trade from the resistance I published before.
  7. I took a 14 pip Take Profit which I based on Volumes. I placed it one pip before a strong volume zone (visible on the top-left chart which shows volume footprints on 30 Minute time frame).
  8. Another viable Take Profit would be a bit lower at the place where the Order Flow shows “Unfinished businesses” (red dotted lines).

This was a typical example of how to trade with Order Flow and Delta.

In the video, I mentioned a lot of things you may not have understood. I explain that all as well as many Order Flow trading strategies in my Order Flow Video Course which you can get along With my Order Flow software here:

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I hope you guys liked this video and that you found it interesting and helpful. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Happy trading!


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